Learn how the elimination of wheat, rye and barley from your diet can be a miracle cure for lifelong digestive troubles and many chronic ailments.

Still absolutely relevant and fundamental!


by Nancy J. Lyons, Ph.D.


Our Book

Celiac Disease Fundamentals 

A Maverick's Challenge to What's Out There 

Part I gives the reader a very good understanding of celiac disease - the basics. 

Part II gives the reader a concise look at celiac disease research in terms not requiring a scientific background - the science.

Part III  is the author's novel perspective of celiac disease that challenges conventional concepts. Is celiac disease truly a disease? Does gluten really attack and damage the intestine? A look at celiac disease through the lens of Darwinian medicine.


"Writer simplifies what can be (a)very intimidating and complex topic. Highly readable." ---Benjamin Franklin Award judge

  "...a well written book by an author with a clear and orderly mind...understandable to all who read it. She includes information about celiac disease not available elsewhere. I am grateful that she took the time to write this volume and I have already benefited from reading it." ---anonymous

‚Äč"Celiac Disease is truly an unlikely foe. This book was a life-changing catalyst for our family. One family member was struggling with health issues that were undiagnosed for years. The book shed light on a possible diagnosis. Two years, 40 pounds lighter, life is wonderful! Nancy's book was one of the greatest gifts our family has received." ---C.C.

"I really like your fresh presentation of the chemical aspects of the disease and new information that you document. What a great book!"---C.K.

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