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About Us

Cotter-Lyons Publications is an independent book publisher dedicated exclusively to original work by author Nancy J. Lyons, Ph.D. (physical chemistry) on the subject of celiac disease and how gluten affects, written with the general reader in mind.  We strive towards excellence and independent thought. Cotter-Lyons Publications is a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association.

Mission Statement: To expose celiac disease by bringing fundamentals of celiac disease to light, information mostly hidden to the public. Such knowledge has changed the lives of many; particularly those unaware that the healthy grains wheat, rye and barley could be the cause of their health troubles. 

The Author's Problem: " I was amazed by the revelation of omitting wheat, rye, and barley protein or gluten from my diet. I did not fit the celiac disease profile."


"I have not rehashed summary reports on celiac disease. I have lived it. I have questioned and rejected the descriptive narrative on celiac disease by the medical community and media going back to 1993."

The author, Dr. Nancy J Lyons' unique background includes; (1) twenty-five years of firsthand observations that have yielded answers and insight not published in the celiac disease medical research, (2) an in-depth review of the medical research, and (3) a chemist's curious mind.  


  • For purchase, our book  An Unlikely Foe: CELIAC DISEASE EXPOSED; selected as a Finalist in the USABookNews.com Best Books of 2006 Awards in the Category of Health/General.

  • Something New The Gluten Tree: A New Model of Celiac Disease. Focus is on gluten; not celiac disease. Celiac disease is reframed as part of a larger process using the peer-reviewed research.  A change in perspective follows the author's firsthand observation; one that breaks the cardinal rule about celiac disease. Gluten's effect is a whole-body one right from the beginning, affecting more than the small intestine; whereas, celiac disease is by definition a condition of the small intestine. A gluten-free diet is not for celiac disease only! 

Medical Disclaimer: Information provided by the publisher is educational in scope and does not provide medical advice.

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