Celiac Disease is Re-examined


by Nancy J. Lyons, Ph.D.

A BOOK ABOUT CELIAC DISEASE LIKE NO OTHER. The ONLY book written for the GENERAL AUDIENCE that assimilates the medical research about celiac disease to explore HOW wheat, rye, and barley protein or gluten affects certain people. Unrivaled breadth of information in 99 pages of text that you will not find anywhere else--including from your physician. Celiac disease fundamentals that challenge what's out there (still). More

An Unlikely Foe: Celiac Disease Exposed was selected as a Finalist in the USABookNews.com Best Books of 2006 Awards in the Category of Health/General.


The Gluten Tree

by Nancy J. Lyons, Ph.D.


A pioneering perspective: The Gluten Tree connects the gluten spectrum and proposes a link. How to tell if the gluten-free diet may be right for you even if you don't have celiac disease.

The Gluten Tree schematizes a new way of thinking about celiac disease and builds upon the fundamental information presented in the book below,  An Unlikely Foe: CELIAC DISEASE EXPOSED. 

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Pioneering perspectives of celiac disease and the spectrum of gluten-triggered illness

Few are aware of the facts:

Celiac disease and the gluten-free diet have gone from unknown to mainstream and misunderstood. 

Interpretation poised as fact perpetuates at every level.

Isn't it time to learn the truth? A chemist's original and essential look at celiac disease for the general audience.

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Celiac Disease is Reframed

A New Model of Celiac Disease

The Focus is Gluten

Celiac disease is defined by interpretations like these; however,

  • Does gluten attack the intestine?
  • Does gluten damage the intestine?
  • Is celiac disease an aberrant response to gluten caused by a defective immune system?
  • Is celiac disease an autoimmune disease?

Perhaps not.

See An Unlikely Foe: CELIAC DISEASE EXPOSED  pages 69-93.

Celiac Disease Fundamentals 

A Maverick's Challenge to What's Out There 

Connecting the elements of the website

First came the book about celiac disease:

  •  An Unlikely Foe: CELIAC DISEASE EXPOSED is a book built on fundamental information about celiac disease. Indeed, like the author, you would likely not recognize celiac disease or understand what it is.


Then came the author's idea of a new model of celiac disease as a part of a larger gluten-driven process:

  • After the book was written, "I noticed something that changes the basic premise of celiac disease. An observation though not to be revealed at this time, that is key to seeing celiac disease in a new light. The above book is prerequisite background and with this one key new twist leads to the visual scheme or map representing The Gluten Tree, A New Model of Celiac Disease." Nancy J Lyons